questions for you, out there. please answer.

last week turned out to be kind of crazy. 

I was supposed to go spend most of the week with my husband.  That had to be canceled because the brakes were too bad to travel.  It took my daughter’s friend two days to fix them. 

I let my sister know that my plans had changed and I would be glad to see her if she could still come up.  She came. Along with her two young grandchildren.  She stayed.  4 days she stayed.  She does not watch the children too closely.  too many broken things to count.  outdoor toys now indoors.  Sand from sand table in the house instead of in the sand table.  All and all it was a good visit.

I had a couple of anxious days… not sure why.  but anxiety was high.  Wednesday was the worst.  was depressed as well but had to not give in to it since I had company.

Friday my husband came home.  and I saw on his phone a picture sent to him by his “friend”    

Saturday I checked his phone on the “ping” chat   and saw “good night :-)” sent at 12:30  and “good morning :-)” sent at 6:30. from her.   Pissed me off.  I said to him “nothing has changed has it?”  he said yes it has.   ” You say she is just your friend and not your “girlfriend”  but she acts like your girlfriend.   have YOU made it clear that she is not your girlfriend?” I say.    his reply is that I dwell on it more than he does.   Well yeah.     any way we managed to put that behind us for the rest of the weekend.    I did tell him I am going to call her and tell her NO MORE PICTURES.  and not to use Ping any more.  if she must text use the regular phone text.   (haven’t done that yet.  maybe tomorrow) 

Friday night My sister and I have a talk about our traumatic early childhood.   I  learned her perspective and what she remembered.  I don’t remember much.  I will share more of that story later. 

Saturday my husband, grandson and I go to a fall festival. and have a very nice time.    My sister calls to tell me that she arrived home safely to a cold reception from her husband and a less than enthusiastic  greeting from her 12-year-old daughter.   My sister has never shared any thing like this with me before.  I feel bad because she really wanted to stay longer but I sort of  hinted that it was time for her to go.  My sister is best taken in small doses. 

Sunday is actually rather typical for us, except we didn’t go to church. 

So how was your week?   Are things different for us? or Is this how things happen in most families?   I would really like to know.

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I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

One response to “questions for you, out there. please answer.

  • thypolarlife

    My week was rather hectic with all the sports and school back in session. Most of my family is taken better in small doses. I think that this is a rather typical feeling for most people. I have a couple of family members that just don’t want to leave when they come to visit. I feel bad when I kind of have to give them a push but I really have no choice sometimes.

    Sorry that you are having the issues with the husband. If it were me, I would call “her” right away and get “her” taken care of.

    Thanks for sharing.

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