my life as a puzzle. 3

did some more puzzle piece collecting yesterday.  really didn’t gather any new information.  got some old information sort of confirmed.  i say sort of because there is no real proof of what I am being told, only that the information was received by several different sources. 

I am really enjoying the time spent with the people I am talking to.  Yesterday it was my uncle… the only uncle I have left really.  He was very encouraging to me. and make me feel as if I was really someone special.    That is at times something I don’t feel about myself. 

Someday soon I hope I will be ready to write the story of my life… not that it will be all that riveting, but I think my family will be interested in reading it.  There are some unusual happenings in my  life. 

I am finding the process of learing about times I don’t remeber both comforting and unsetteling.  I find myself maybe not reacting in the way that most people would.  that seems unsetteling.  But I don’t find myself being overly affected by what I am learning.  I have cried when I talk to people, and that is not a bad thing. 

The most wonderful thing about talking to someone about my past is that after I am finished talking to them I feel more connected to that person and closer to them.  I love that.

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