I want a magic fix all, Please?

Is it true that in every relationship one person cares more about  the relationship than the other?

OR is this just a “MAN thing”?

I live for the weekends when my husband comes home.  He is ok with going for a couple of weeks without seeing me.  how can we keep our relationship going, and getting fixed if we don’t get any time together?

it just all seems more important to me then it does to him. Is this normal. 

What ever happened to happily ever after… well not in the fairy tale meaning… but in the “we are a couple and we are going to make this work for both of us” meaning.

am I as selfish as he thinks I am?  If that is true I am not sure how to be less selfish, since being unselfish the way he thinks I should be, feels like giving up on my marriage.  

We are told to find out what is most important to us and put all that we have into that… well my husband is what is most important to me, I am trying to put all that I have into our relationship, but I feel as if he finds my efforts unreasonable and childish.

I truly wish I had an answer. a magic fix all, if you will.  but I don’t and once again I must simply trust and wait.

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2 responses to “I want a magic fix all, Please?

  • Don

    Each and every relationship must have 2 partners willing to work at the relationship. I find that there are 2 top elements that have to be included in all relationships.

    Respect and communication. If one partner begins to fail at 1, the other must find the reason for that, in order to keep the relationship intact. If you noticed a sudden change, you have to figure out what caused the change.

    Get you husband to sit down and have a serious conversation about your feelings and see if you can find out what is going wrong so it might be corrected before its too late.

    Some relationships are not meant to last for one reason or another.

    Good luck

    • aloneagain3

      thank you for your comment. I enjoy so much reading comments. and I don’t get very many of them.
      I actually know what is wrong with our relationship but the fixing isn’t easy. We are both working at it but it takes time. Time is a premium for us as he works 3 hours away and is only here on the weekends.
      it is so easy to fall back into patterns that were not heatlhy for the relationship. it is something we are watching out for.

      I agree to a certain extent about some relationships not being meant to last. however, after 27 years of marrage, and my personal beliefs about marrage, it isn’t something I am going to give in to. I believe that God will help us get things back if we don’t get in His way. Something I think I tend to do. hence my desire for a magic fix all.

      Thanks again for your comment and for the good wishes.

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