blessed peace maker.

 I am the peace maker of the family.  I actually get sick to my stomach when members of my family are not getting along.  I am the one who encourages those involved in the disagreement to talk and get it settled. I therefore put myself in the conflict. 

In an effort to work on my own self preservation, I am trying to abandon or at least lessen  this role.  disagreements usually end whether I am involved or not. Maybe not as quickly as I would like them to, but they get resolved. 

It would be interesting to learn why people adopt the role of peace maker in a family.  Is it a product of personality?  Does birth order play a part?  Is it life experiences?  Does it come directly from God as a gift?  You remember, “blessed are the peace makers” ?

I would also like to learn how to find balance in the role.  after all being a peace maker can be a needed and virtuous quality.  However, it can also lend one to becoming a scapegoat or doormat, or at the very least appear to be weak.

I am actually OK with being the peace maker.  I enjoy being the catalyst of reconciled relationships.  Relationships are what really matter in life.  Without them what do we actually have that is of any importance? 

I am a blessed peace maker.

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I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

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