why I now hate my favorite holiday.

After years of  loving thanksgiving it is finally official.  I HATE IT.  

I really can’t remember the last time we had a nice one. or at least a really nice  one.   

I guess I still love the idea of thanksgiving. a beautifully decorated house. a formal set table.  a nice dinner.  Family gathered together.  fun, laughter, joy. 

What has it usually been?  rush to in-laws… never on time to their liking.  eat as soon as we get there.  watch football.  watch family get irritated with one another.  Watch my husband get pissed at everyone. 

on the rare occasion that we had dinner at home… I would set a nice table. my husband would help cook.  things always looked like they might go well then… Out of the blue someone would get upset and flip out.    one year we made my youngest come back down to eat with us, she did with a bandana covering her face.  another year my husband refused to come and eat with us,  my oldest son put his picture on his dad’s picture at his place so he would still be there to eat with us. 

this year, my husband was out of sorts at times.  My children picked on one another, and generally didn’t want to be here for our traditional go back to our own home and eat dessert together event. 

My oldest daughter made me feel inadequate about the condition of the house.  it does need cleaning.  but when was I to do this?   I was out-of-town sunday, monday and Tuesday.  babysitting her son Tuesday night, getting him to daycare Wednesday,  going to an appointment on Wednesday at noon.  working from 3-11, baking pies till 1:00am.  getting up at 8:30 am to bake more pies and then the hour and a half drive to eat at my mother-in-laws.  yeah the house isn’t clean… well I did clean the kitchen some after we all ate the pies.    now to get some sleep before I have to go back to work at 4:30am!!! 

Maybe that is the biggest reason I don’t like my favorite holiday anymore… I work retail!!!

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