Monthly Archives: February 2011

in case you care to know or if you have missed me

just in case anyone really cares.  I have not been blogging lately mostly because of the pinched nerve I have in my neck.  sitting at the computer makes it feel worse.  well that is one reason. 

another reason is I have changed my schedule as to allow more time to spend with my husband in the town where he works.  and when I am there my computer time is very limited and I mostly access digital media through my phone.     

Then there is my preoccupation with “her”  and the relationship she has with my husband.  oh how that clouds everything.   There I was, dressed up in evening ware, looking pretty good when my mind goes to a picture of “her” that I found, with the caption “what you missed,” all  dressed to go to a formal occasion.   it is as if  she has invaded every aspect of my life.  of our life.  as if my husband has two wives. 

Then there is me not knowing what to write.  not wanting to be too depressing,  too boring,  too pathetic,  too reveiling.    although I write as anonymously as I can, I have given this blog information to a select few to read.  so I guess I do guard what I say as not to open myself up to being criticised, ridiculed or pitied.

so here I am back to write again.  at least I hope.