looking at the world through his arms.

March 11

As days go this one pretty much sucked. 

My 24-year-old son, went to an intake meeting in regards to custody/visitation of his one month old daughter.  He has never seen her. 

He figured the mother would say that he wasn’t the father and they would order a paternity test.  Well that isn’t exactly waht happened. 

She chose to meet in seperate rooms. and said she did not want him to see the baby even under supervised visits.  because of safety concerns.  really?

I had the “pleasure” of meeting her father in the hallway, introduced myself.  at which point (after he forced a hand shake) he proceded to tell me that I did not know all that had gone on between his daughter and my son and that my son has serious issues and needs real help.  and that this involves criminal charges.   they have not spoken or been in any contact for at least 6 months.  so if the criminal action was so serious why were charges not filed sooner?   When I asked her father this, he had no responce.  I figured it was better not to talk to him any more.  I didn’t want to make anything worse. 

so round one is over.  still no visitation.  time for a lawyer and round two. 

the Best thing about today is that the husband is home!   we took the daughters and the grandson out to eat.  and then came home and took a nap.  the feeling of his arms around me gives me such peace and stability.  it grounds me.  I can gain perspective and calm down when he is close by. 

even if it isn’t true,  all seems right with the world.

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