more happy than sad

march 12

today was all about the grandson.  put up the toddler bed that the husband made about 20 years ago for the youngest daughter for him.  played with him, watched Smokey Bear over and over again.  and then some other movies.  kept him up too late so it was super hard to put him to bed. 

it was a good day.  even though it was all about him, it was great because I was doing it with my husband.  everything is better with him here. 

Last night as I was going to sleep with him next to me, arm around me, I felt my face smiling, and I was truly happy.  He makes me happy. 

for the last 24 hours I have been more happy than sad.  that hasn’t happened in a long time.

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I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

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