gotta love psycho therapy day.

March 14

Today was therapy day.   Sometimes my psycho Therapy is very helpful and sometimes not.  mostly now it is helpful.  It is nice to hear that I am not totally crazy.  and that some of my past extreme reactions were actually normal under the circumstances. 

Today we talked about some of my physical conditions that lead to fatigue.  We discussed my quiet and laid back personality and how it is the perfect fit for what I am experiencing with fybromyalga, thyroid diseases and depression.  If I had a personality that needed to get things done such as someone with a “doer”  or “type a” personality, I would have more difficulty handing the lack of energy to keep going till the task is done.

going to try to have a productive day tomorrow.  we will see how far I get.  I will have to pull out last weeks to do list. most of what is on it still isn’t done so that will be a good place to begin.

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