strange day

april 14

Today was a strange day.    maybe because I didn’t get much sleep.  maybe because I am still recovering from my latest reality check.  maybe life is just too hard some days. 

the first thing I had to deal with today was getting the car running again.  we knew what the problem was.  but where to get it fixed was another story.  it ended up that a friend of my neighbor fixed it for 30 bucks which included the part we needed.

because of the car issue I had to walk to get my routine mammogram.  when I get there I realize that I forgot to bring my dr orders, which may cause a reschedule of the appointment.  sigh.  thankfully my daughter was able to fax it to the office.  mammogram accomplished. 

due to my lack of sleep the night before I needed a nap before work.  of course I am put in charge of nap time for the grandson and he decides that he does not want a nap.  thankfully his mother and aunt come home from their lunch in a timely manner and take him for a walk.  nap before work accomplished. 

I also manage to get something to eat before work, eat it and get clocked in without being late.  (sometimes that is a big accomplishment)

Work was frustrating tonight.  worked on several orders but got almost none of them completed.  growl. 

I kept my phone in the shop with me tonight (a big No No) I am not sure why I did.  but I was glad because a friend of mine who I had recently told that one way he could help me was to check in with me more often just to say hello and see how I am.  He did that tonight through a text.  that brought a smile to my face. 

my day was shadowed by a large dark cloud over me.  I felt lonely and depressed and unloved.  most of the people I called today did not answer their phones.  or return my calls.  some days that is just too much for me to handle.  today was one of those days.

so it was a strange day.  good things happened but I am still sad and blue.  I know I am not crazy, but when I have days like this my family thinks that I am.  I just wish they could be more encouraging when I have days like this.

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