april 23

it is easter weekend and I was so looking forward to  the long weekend with the husband.  so He starts it off by doing something very suspicious.  I can’t figure out exactly what he did do on thursday but he wasn’t at work and he wasn’t home. he says he was in his apartment all day but I that is not something he would do. 

Of course it is all my fault because I get “crazy” over the smallest things. 

But I am pissed.  I can’t be pissed or question him. I need to either “trust him or not”  never mind all the untrustworthy things he has done.  up to and including not telling the truth about being at work on Thursday. 

at any rate it is up to me to make the rest of the weekend go smoothly.  I just have to push my anger and questions down and pretend that I am not extremely hurt. 

even if he did just stay at his apartment all day, he still didn’t want to be here with me.  and that really hurts.  and pisses me off. 

so here I am feeling like a stupid fool again.  AGAIN.

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