fear of riding a bike


may 10

I have been thinking about my inability to ride a bike again.  Probably due to the fact that the husband has been riding almost every night.  The town where he is has some beautiful places to ride. 

He sent me a picture of the bike he got to ride.

bike by the lake

this is where he rides to.  well one of the places.  there are other nice places too. 

I would like to go with him. 

So once again I am going to try to overcome my fear and learn to ride a bike.   what a thing to learn at the age of almost 50. 

I plan on praying about it.  God is not the author of fear. I will acknowledge that, and believe that I can do it.  Well I know I can do it, but i am so damn scared. 

God truly is not the author of fear.  He does not want me to be afraid. 

so Wednesday will be day one of my new bike riding  experience.

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