sometimes you just need a car ride.

May 22

Sunday night again.  My favorite, not!  

Tonight was very exhausting.  The husband left around 6:30.   leaving me to care for the grandson all by myself for the evening.  He decided that he wanted to take his bath early tonight. so about 7 or so we headed to the bathroom for bath time.  giving the bath is not my favorite thing… I am not sure why.  Anyway I let him play in the water a little longer than I usually would since it was so early.  I got him out and dressed for bed.  then we read books… lots of books.  then the real fun began.

He would not go to sleep, he said he had to poop in the potty, so we went back to the bathroom and he sat and sat and played with this and that.  then we went back to bed.  He tried to get me to read more books, I didn’t.  then we sang the goodnight song.  we only do the last part, he loves it and sounds so cute when he sings along. 

he played the now I lay me down to sleep prayer bear several times.  and then we put the bedtime music on his “Scout” dog.  (love the leap-frog “Scout” ! Highly recommend it for any child!) 

then we went through another round of poop in the potty. 

Flash forward to 9:30…  His mother, the 28-year-old finally got home from work.  I was so frustrated that I went out for a soda and a snack.  that is something I never do. 

She took him for a car ride to get him to go to sleep.  all the while saying to his mother “is Grammy mad at me”?   

Hope tomorrow night goes better.  I will be on duty then too.

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