sad days and home improvement projects.

May 25

I am finding that Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be my sad days.  I try to ignore the sadness and think positively.  That is becoming easier and easier as time moves forward. 

I believe my week goes like this:

  • Sunday good until the husband leaves, but only the sweet sorrow of saying goodbye. 
  • Monday time to get on with the week or recover from the weekend, and some Mondays I have to work.  not too bad since I just spent the weekend with the husband
  • Tuesday too many days till friday when the husband comes home.  I start to really miss him and sometimes wonder if he is missing me.  Tuesdays seem to be the days that I get caught in thinking about the past. 
  • Wednesday no more residual effect from the weekend, and still far from friday.  it helps when I have students to teach.
  • Thursday only one more day.  I can do this.  I get more energy and begin to get things cleaned up from the week and ready for the husbands return.
  • Friday really in cleaning mode now.  hate when I have to work on friday evenings. 
  • Saturday usually enjoy time with the husband and if we are lucky we even get a few minutes to ourselves.  although we enjoy our time with the grandson.

Next week will be different though.  I finally get to go stay with my husband for my days off!  It has  been a long time coming. 

I am looking forward to seeing him at the end of each day. 

but first the holiday weekend.   we will be installing a new vanity in the bathroom.   Hope we make it through relatively unscathed.  he tends to get frustrated with me when we do projects like that.  there are times when I don’t really understand what exactly he wants me to do.   He will say “hold that”     Hold what?  what exactly is “that”      And then there is the go and get me a “____” (just fill in the blank) I usually do know the tool he is asking for, I usually don’t know where it is.  which means I have to hunt for it.  when or if I do find it, by the time I get it to him he has found a substitute tool. 

He get frustrated with me, and I begin to get anxious about doing something wrong, which makes me make even more mistakes.  It can get ugly.  OH and don’t forget we will have the 2-year-old grandson trying to help pappy too.

Maybe one of the kids will be available to help this weekend.

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