still looking for normal.

june 5

how is my “normal couple” weekend going, You ask?   Normal is not what I would call it. 

We spent some time this weekend going to little league baseball games of fiends.  They really appreciated the photos we took of their kids.    that was normal.

We spent time going to Wal-mart and yard sales.  took a walk in the park. walked trough town.  that was normal.

We even slept in today.  that too was normal. 

What wasn’t normal was the phone call to my phone from “her”    Yes she called me.  Why you ask?   To yell at me.  I actually didn’t talk to her, the husband answered the phone. but I was there and heard what she said.  She was freaked out and wanted to talk to him and was upset that he didn’t call her.  She said something about me following him around like a puppy all day. and how could he get any work done.  REALLY????  

Of course he didn’t set her straight.  He didn’t tell her that I left him alone while I got donuts and cash out of the ATM.   He didn’t tell her that I left him alone in his office fixing a computer while I went to a farmers market.  He didn’t tell her that I left him alone while I went to the press box to take baseball pictures. 

I am going to tell her!  you bet I am.    I am sick and tired of being painted as a crazy person.  Yes I have screamed and yelled and acted irrationally from time to time.  frustration and deep emotional wounds will do that to a person.  Yes I have become so depressed and hopeless that I tried to kill myself, twice.  But I am NOT crazy!  I may have been driven crazy, but I am not crazy. 

I am tired of this bullshit.  seriously tired. 

Again the husband told me he wants me to stay.    He says he loves me and chooses me over her.  I guess he has chosen me if you consider a 80/20 split. 

call me crazy again but I don’t want any split… I want 100 %  

doesn’t every spouse want 100%  

I am sorry for her issues… truly I am.  But they are her issues, not my husbands.  She needs to find a new person to depend on.  He is no longer available.  at least as far as I am concerned.   

I may be driven to action soon if things don’t change.

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One response to “still looking for normal.

  • Pernelson

    I think you have every right to put your foot down on this issue. It is complicating things in your current relationship and it is not fair to all parties involved. You deserve the best. ALWAYS.

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