the 28-year-old.

June 15

The 28-year-old. 

My first-born child. (the 30-year-old is actually my step-son, although I don’t    refer to him as that)

The mother of the grandson.

Has inherited many of my health problems.

Can be a lot of fun.

Is causing me a great deal of stress and anguish these days.

I worry about her.  I am worried about her mental state.  I am quite sure she suffers from depression.  I worry about her health.  She should be taking thyroid medicine but does not.  I worry about her weight. 

I am frustrated with her.    She takes too much time off work.  Then complains about not having as much money.  She goes out every night. Then doesn’t want to get up in the morning.  She gets too easily frustrated and upset with her son.  She doesn’t want to plan ahead for babysitters and then gets angry when she needs to find someone at the last-minute.  As well as being angry with the family if we want to do something other than babysit when we are not working. She rarely cleans up after herself or her son. 

I love her.  I just wish I could learn to communicate better with her, so she won’t shut down every time I try to talk to her about serious stuff.  I wish I could not be affected when she pushes my buttons.  It is as if she installed the buttons and knows every little detail about how they work. 

I wish I didn’t feel taken advantage of. 

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