positive vs negitive

July 20

I have had some positive signs from the husband lately about us. 

this is a good thing.  so why do I feel like it will all fall apart?   I can’t get the demons out of my head.  of course in the past I have thought I was getting positive signs only to find out that I was reading too much into them.

So let’s try the power of positive thinking thing again.  

Things are better.  positive signs are just that, positive. 

I think I can, I think I can.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Onward and upward to a happy life with the husband, just the two of us! 



About aloneagain3

I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

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