a whole lot of unfriending going on.

July 28

there is a whole lot of unfriending going on around here.  Facebook unfriending that is. 

The husband unfriended his siblings and their children the day after his mother’s funeral. 

Our nephew unfriended me that same day. 

My daughter-in-law unfriended me.  I’m not really sure when, I just noticed it today. 

The husband’s ex-wife thought that he unfriended her… he didn’t… he deactivated his whole account. 

My sister-in-law unfriended me today.  I guess she didn’t like the conversation I had with her today.  I was a bit emotional and she probably isn’t the one I should have been talking to.

finally I unfriended the husband’s ex-wife.   I should have listened to my brother’s wife and unfriended her right after the funeral.  My brother’s wife is usually right about things. 

I am kind of making light of a sad and serious break down of a family.  Although the family was never all that close a adults anyway.  Which makes me wonder why we think that the death of the matriarch would change that. 

There is a great deal of pain involved.  and in the case of some of the people in this family pain manifests itself into anger.  And anger leads to  unforgiveness. 

I pray that time will heal the wounds and the family can move on. 


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