home today.

the husband will be home at some point today.   I am looking forward to that.

Of course things have transpired that put him in a sad/bad mood… hopefully he will have a brighter outlook in the morning.

My husband works in local government.  He is an administrator.  Tuesday’s election rendered him three new bosses.  He now feels that the council is stacked against him.  This means that after the first of the year when they take office he may be asked to step down.  This is a definite possibility.  it has happened before.  He has a good contract so it will not be an immediate financial crisis.  However, it will be an emotional crisis for him.

One of his friends, not a close friend, decided that it would be fun to joke with him about being fired after the first of the year.  That did not go well.  I’m sure this friend did not think about the real possibility of this actually happening.  I find that people who do not work in a politically driven environment do not comprehend the stress that a changing of the guard can bring to an employee.  His jokes were misplaced and untimely.

My son decided that tonight would be a good time to get some thought off his chest toward his father.  again bad timing.

The husband feels as if he is being kicked when he is down. I am sure that is the reality for him.  I don’t think anyone realized that he had multiple issues weighing him down.  He needed to be built up, but no one knew because he didn’t share his worries with anyone.

Our son could be a source of encouragement to my husband if confided in.

We are at a point in our marriage where we need to be focused on our relationship, not on our individual problems.  I want to be the support my husband needs this weekend, I hope he will accept what I have to offer.  I hope he chooses to be a couple this weekend and not an individual who has problems to worry about all alone.


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