fighting, not fighting and enjoying time together.

Couples counseling today… it was productive all be it ugly.   there was some yelling.  some truth-telling.  and some crying.

I am still living with actions I do not want to live with.  However, we had some good communication.   we even continued some of the conversation this evening without fighting.

This is a long and difficult process.  I know there will be more ugly before we get to the good.

We are minimising the time spent dwelling on the issues… we need some relaxing times together, and some fun.

Tomorrow we are “making a day of it” to celebrate my birthday.  We will drive two hours to the larger city near us, go to a jewelry store we know to get some things repaired, head to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch/dinner, then a possible visit to my uncles, and maybe a trip to Ikea.   it is supposed to be a nice day and I am looking forward to it.



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