seconds to fail.

I guess I did a stupid thing tonight.   I decided to follow through with my plan to get the exam due by midnight on the 27th out-of-the-way early so I could get ahead on the work for the next couple of days, even though the grandson was not fully asleep.

He interrupted me enough that I did not get the test submitted before time ran out,  by seconds.

now I have a zero on the exam.  I have sent an email to the professor asking that she accept it anyway and the reason why I exceeded the time limit. We will see what she says.

so my grade has gone from an 89% to a 71% because of this.  I am more than pissed.  at myself, at my grandson, at my daughter for taking so long to get home.  and at my son who came home but didn’t stay to help me out.  I am so tired of being angry and for having reasons to be angry.

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