Closer I am to fine

My first class is all but done.  I have finished all the regular class work but have been given the opportunity to retake one of the first five exams, so I will do that tomorrow.  At this point my final grade is 90.8  which is an A.    Needless to say I am happy about that.

As for the rest.  I am still not getting what I need from the Husband, as he is still talking to Her.  Of course he feels things are fine with us until I bring it up.  No, things are fine for him when I don’t bring it up, but I am still living with the uncertainty and pain of that relationship.

I have a plan in the works to address the way practical things are handled in this house.  I think it too is going to be a slow process.  The Daughters are not going to find it pleasant.  Again, a situation where things are fine if I don’t bring it up, and I just keep doing everything.  Yes, fine for them but not for me.

I pray that things will soon be fine for me as well as everyone else.    I am not sure any of them are going to like it when “fine” for me means I am not in a daily relationship with any of them.   Separation may still be warranted.


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