I don’t know how to put how I am feeling into words.    I want so much more than I think the husband is willing or maybe even able to give.

of course the peace keeper in me is just keeping quiet. which is making me feel a combination of sadness, anger, frustration, and hopelessness for my marriage.

I brought up the offer of couples counseling to the husband and he is still angry about the last one stopping due to his unwillingness to stop talking to the OW.

He wanted me to become strong and independent, and I am becoming stronger and more independent every day.  I wonder if he realizes that could result in him losing me.   it feel like that is the road we are on.   It takes two to fix a marriage, he needs to step up 100% before it is too late.

I feel like we are at the 11th hour.

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I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

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