twisted lifestyles.

i am finding myself  in relationships with people who have sewed or twisted ideas of what is a normal lifestyle 

 The almost 30 year old.  doesn’t seem to think that her lifestyle of staying up all night, either at home or out is a problem.  never mind the fact that she can not get up in the morning when her son is ready to.  never mind that fact that she does not like that he tries to be on the same schedule as her.  This is abnormal.  

  The 22 year old.  She is out every every night of the week.  and drinking or drunk most of the time.  She sees no problem with this.  never mind that she is tired all the time.  never mind that it is causing other aspects of her life to be affected. This is abnormal. 

 Then there is the husband.  He says over and over again that the relationship he has with Diane ( yes I am going to use her name from now on.   I don’t care.)  is not a problem.  they are just friends.  I don’t think she thinks they are just friends, to which he  will reply “what difference does it make what she thinks?”   it makes a huge difference.   anyway.  This is abnormal.  

He and I had a discussion with the 22 year old yesterday.  He finds it unbelievable that she does not see her lifestyle as a problem.  I find it unbelievable that he does not see his lifestyle as a problem.   proof that we all see things the way we want to see them.  we all make excuses and justifications for our actions when they are harmful and destructive.  

 As for me.  I put up with all this abnormal behavior making me just as abnormal as the rest of them.   


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