sweating the small stuff.

in general I am  not a controlling person.  however, there are things that I do not like other people to be in charge of.  My children are downstairs as I type rearranging the furniture.  It is needed so we can put the Christmas tree up. But it freaks me out a little bit to let them do it.  

It took years for me to turn over the choosing of the tree to others, but that became necessary when I began to work retail.  They have done a fine job and we have had beautiful trees.  They will handle that for me again this year.  

So I am letting them rearrange with the stipulation that if I don’t like it I will change it!  

The silver lining to this is that none of them are out at the bars!  and they are all getting along.  which may have more to do with the fact that they feel united against me. What ever the reason I will just relax and enjoy it.  and try not to stress too much about what the new arrangement will be.  

I am reminded through this writing of my tendency to remain calm about big issues and stress about insignificant issues.  Although the  issue that  causes me the most anxiety is not small or insignificant.  but I don’t feel like talking about that tonight.  

Here’s to Christmas decorating and giving up control.  

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