I am a christian, I believe God is in control.   

That being said,  sometimes words from other beliefs are perfect for certain situations.  Karma could be one of those words now.  




Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti (  def 1 ) , jnana.
Maybe some of the stuff that is happening to a certain person is a result of the bad actions they are engaging in.  Maybe someone is getting what is coming to them.  Maybe they should stop living the lying cheating lifestyle.  Maybe that would turn the bad Karma they are experiencing into good Karma. 
I do not really believe in Karma, but I do think that God will not bless us as much when we choose to continue going against basic precepts that He holds forth.  
As crappy as my life is right now.  I continue to feel and recognize God’s blessings.  
I also feel that some of the “karma” happening to this other person is God working to bring about dependence on Him rather that money. 
as I sit here writing tonight  and reflect on my day I think about something I read today that touched me.  It was about God loving me for who I am and wanting me to see myself thorough His eyes. I felt so joyful as I read that passage.   I now recognize many events of the day as attacks to directly counteract and erase that joy.  I am sorry to say that they were successful attacks. I felt as if I were being treated as a nothing both at home and at work today.  It spiraled me into a horrible mood, which I felt justified to be in.    
Ok God.  I get it.  I should not feel joy over another person’s misfortune, no matter who they are or what pain they have caused me.  I should not be hateful.  And when I feel that people are not valuing me, I should remember how You see me.  How You love me.  And be joyful in the fact that I am of grate value and loved more than I could possibly fathom by You.  
God please forgive me,,, I still feel a little bit of joy over this person’s bad karma… I am only human.  

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I am a wife and mother of 5 grown children... and 3 grandchildren.. I have been married for 29 years... I thought I did ok at life... turns out i sucked at it... but I am getting better!! View all posts by aloneagain3

One response to “Karma.

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    This is one of the most beautiful posts you’ve written. I absolutely love your writings! Your blog is poignant and heartbreaking, yet inspiring and encouraging at the same time. You have a genuine gift. May our Good Lord bring about the marital and familial wholeness, wellness and fidelity that you so richly deserve! God ALWAYS takes His time (His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts). However, lil’ ole me is hoping and praying that He speeds the process up a taste! 🙂

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