Forces of nature.

Seems as though the world is against me and what I want to do. The 22 year old is really sick and I need to take care of her. Which means that I am staying home instead of going to be with my husband.
I don’t know if I should have gone anyway It is awful not knowing if your own husband wants to be with you or not.
I have been driving him crazy with my checking up on him. Looking to see what his web history is. Looking to see what YouTube videos he has been viewing. Checking phone records.
I have a right to do this. But it isn’t helping.
This separation is the worst we have ever had. It needs to end I need to either be with him or be without him but being apart isn’t working.

I think what I really want is for him to be home with me. Or is it. I don’t even know any more what I want.

My counselor told me to go there and be with my husband and try to work things out. We are solving nothing the way we are We can’t even have serious talks. Not that we can when we are together. But it would be better to try in person. Not over the phone.

So first thing in the morning I will take the daughter to the dr. Then see what the rest of the day brings.

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