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health and the husband.

My health at the moment I would have to categorize as improving.
The aspiration pneumonia I got as a result of my endoscopy is much better.
However my hemoglobin dropped to 7.9 so I had to receive a transfusion of two units of blood.

I felt scolded by the one dr about not taking the iron that I was told to take. although I did have good reason at least in my mind. I would have just started it and then had to stop it for five days in preparation of the colonoscopy. So I just didn’t start it.

As a result I will get Iron through the IV. then have to take it by mouth three times a day. We still have no Cause for my lack of iron. and by the sound of things we may never be able to pinpoint exactly where I may be oozing blood.

My husband rushed home when he heard I was going to get a transfusion (it upset me a little) on the way he made a phone call to the hospital adminstration to make sure he would be able to talk to my dr and find out exactly what was being done to care for me. That can be a little stressful for me but it all went well.
My Dr seems to be committed to finding out the root of my issues.

It is funny though as I talked to one nurse who was asking about how I thought my care was, and we talked about my husband calling adminstration. He said you can tell he really loves you and cares about you. the first thing that popped into my mind was “yes he does, except for that one little thing, the other woman in his life”
I feel certain that at some point in a future argument about his lack of caring about me since he won’t discontinue contact with her, it will be thrown up in my face that he rushed home. sad really. Her existence and his refusal to cut her off places a cloud over the good and caring things he really does for me.

life goes on

as I lay in my hospital bed, I can look out on a small piece of the world.  snow fluries drift by the window, a school bus travels up the road and the dirty cars of winter move at what looks like a snals pace from the 14th floor. 

life goes on. 

I don’t mind. 


More up evil

I can’t seem to do anything the easy way.

I have been admitted to the hospital again
I aspirated during my endoscopy and now have pneumonia

I guess the good news is the only thing they found from the scopes were a hiatal hernia and a hemroid (sp?)

Updates will follow as I feel up to it.

Where I’ve been what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been feeling

Hello blogging friends.
Today I am doing the prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow. I will also have an endoscopy.
I have been off the blog the past couple of weeks because I was tired of writing negative posts.
There are times when I feel like a gullible immature fool and I need to retreat into myself and regroup. I guess. Either that or I am too depressed and lazy to do anything including posting on the blog.
There were a couple of times in the past two weeks when I thought that would make a good blog post. But I just didn’t get up from the bed to sit at the computer. Or get the laptop off the shelf and didn’t want to post from my small phone screen Which I am doing today.
I am at a place right now where the thought of being responsible for something sends me reeling. I’m selfish, but then I need to be so I can begin to put myself first.
I am so thankful that I have readers and followers. I have gotten messages checking on me these past weeks. And I am truly touched by them.
I will say. I am fine. Whatever fine is.
I have probably had more bad days than good ones lately. Many days I simply want to give in to the sadness and just live there for the rest of
My life. Some days it is a comfortable place.
But that isn’t who I really am and it isn’t how I want to live.
I hope to post more from now on. It is therapeutic And sometimes it keeps me out of trouble.
Thanks for reading friends and see you here very soon

Home from the hospital

I have been discharged from the hospital.
That is a good thing right?
I am glad to be home except for the mess that was here when I went in and is still here only bigger now.
I don’t have to work till Thursday so hopefully I can get some things done.
First on my list is to make all of my follow up appointments.
I still need to have a endoscopy. And a colonoscopy.
Then I have to see all the drs I saw in the hospital.
I will still be watching the grandson every day.
It is good to be home. I think.

Still hanging at the hospital

Still in the hospital.
Will see another type of dr tomorrow.
They are looking for a cause of my anemia.
Hope I can go home tomorrow.

Another update

I’m still in the hospital for one more night. Waiting on final results from all the tests today.
Seems as though I am anemic
I may have a blockage.
So I’m here just resting and drawing and watching tv. Hope I can sleep. Since I slept a lot today while waiting in-between tests.