health and the husband.

My health at the moment I would have to categorize as improving.
The aspiration pneumonia I got as a result of my endoscopy is much better.
However my hemoglobin dropped to 7.9 so I had to receive a transfusion of two units of blood.

I felt scolded by the one dr about not taking the iron that I was told to take. although I did have good reason at least in my mind. I would have just started it and then had to stop it for five days in preparation of the colonoscopy. So I just didn’t start it.

As a result I will get Iron through the IV. then have to take it by mouth three times a day. We still have no Cause for my lack of iron. and by the sound of things we may never be able to pinpoint exactly where I may be oozing blood.

My husband rushed home when he heard I was going to get a transfusion (it upset me a little) on the way he made a phone call to the hospital adminstration to make sure he would be able to talk to my dr and find out exactly what was being done to care for me. That can be a little stressful for me but it all went well.
My Dr seems to be committed to finding out the root of my issues.

It is funny though as I talked to one nurse who was asking about how I thought my care was, and we talked about my husband calling adminstration. He said you can tell he really loves you and cares about you. the first thing that popped into my mind was “yes he does, except for that one little thing, the other woman in his life”
I feel certain that at some point in a future argument about his lack of caring about me since he won’t discontinue contact with her, it will be thrown up in my face that he rushed home. sad really. Her existence and his refusal to cut her off places a cloud over the good and caring things he really does for me.

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8 responses to “health and the husband.

  • Still Loving Him

    Why won’t he drop the other woman
    ? If you’re not going to leave him is there anyway you can come to live with it and accept it as part of your life?

    This is way out there and not my personal belief in any way shape or form but…. Let me ask is the OW married? Obviously she knows about you. If he refuses to let her go and he also wants to keep you have and your not going to let him go. Have you ever considered having a Polyamorous relationship? A way of living out in the open, maybe even all of you living together. At least you wouldn’t be living a lie and you’d know exactly what he’s doing, you’d even have the upper hand because you are afterall the wife. I know it sounds crazy but people do it all the time. If you can’t live without him, and he can’t live without you and her and she can’t live without him, it may be a better option than the hell you currently live in.

    • aloneagain3

      I’m not sure I could do that. She also is a single mother of three children. Interesting Idea though that has been mentioned in a not very serious way.

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      • Still Loving Him

        Have you met her? Clearly there is something about her for him that makes him not want to let her go, maybe you could also come to like those same things about her.

        I actually wrote a post asking the question about if the OW and I could have been friends. Her (The OW) husband says yes he thinks that if things had been different that we all could have been friends.

        It was just something to throw out there. You seem sad and even your blog name Alone again is sad. I hope that your health improves and that you can find happiness with your husband one way or another.

      • aloneagain3

        I am sure her and I could have been. Friends. We even tried it for a while till I found things that indicated they were still more than friends. Now all she is to me is a lier. I big fat husband steeling lier.

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  • blogventer

    Agree with SLH, above. You have to stop pining away over what you don’t have and start living. It’s difficult, but you’ve got to redefine yourself and find new paths to happiness.

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    AA3 your readers are NOT “attacking” you. We love you & are concerned a/b you! Pls write & let us know how you’re doing.

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