More proof of what a moron I am.

Somehow I felt it brewing. I knew that the husband and I were going to end up fighting. I didn’t want to but I wasn’t sure I would be able to stop it.
He gave me back his passwords the other day. I looked at his FB once really just to see if I written the password correctly. Well first I tried to log into his email. It didn’t work because of a typing error on my part. So last night I decided to see if the email would open It did. So I looked to see if a email I sent him from a website got there. Actually I sent two and only one got there. I then looked at his sent mail. That’s Is what sparked the fight. He sent HER a copy of the budget he put together for US. I was and am so angry that he did that. I guess it was to show her why he is so angry all the time. Bullshit.
I started out calm. And asked why he did that. He had no right. Of course his reaction was all about how I “snooped” and he should not have given me the password. He did finally agree that he was wrong to send it to her (although he probably doesn’t believe it)
I said we’ll what did she say when she saw it. Her answer was she never saw anything like it. I said of course she hasn’t. She didn’t grow up with lower income families. She hasn’t had as many periods of unemployment like we have. Starting salary for her profession is more than double what it is for the husbands.
When will I finally get that his loyalties lie with her. The privileged bitch who takes what she wants cause she has always gotten it. The only bad thing that ever happened to her was having a mentally disturbed husband.
Who my husband helped and gave her strength to leave.
God help me.

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12 responses to “More proof of what a moron I am.

  • Still Loving Him

    Oh my God. Why are you still with a man who has contact with the woman he had an affair with?

    There is no suitable explanation on his part, none. I’d throw him out with the trash. The very first thing the betrayer is supposed to do is cut all contact with the affair partner.

    You are better than this.

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    1) AA3, this is one of the WORST cases of DISRESPECT I have EVER seen! He’s trampling all over you! Not HER–>it’s HIM!

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    2) They’re BOTH culpable for hurting you, but SHE couldn’t hurt you if HE didn’t allow it–AND encourage it! You two…

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    3) lost a therapist in late 2011 b/c yr H REFUSED to abide by “No Contact,” & he’s STILL refusing! He’s a poor excuse…

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    4) for a husband AND a MAN. I’ve tried hard to support your desire to remain married to him, AA3! I know u’ve got…

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    5) more than 30 yrs w/him. But he’s “scraping the mud off his shoes” ONTO YOU! You DESERVE MUCH, MUCH better than him!!!

  • blogventer

    Ditto what everyone said. I am so, so HEARTBROKEN for you!!! You aren’t the moron; your H is. I am so sorry he is treating you like this! I wish he would just leave you — so you could have your dignity without having him show up at home to rub your nose in his crap — but he doesn’t even have the decency to do that. You are going to have to be the one to go. Please, please, please: when your therapist says he wants to push you, please stand right in front of BOTH of his hands. You DESERVE to be pushed into a better life!

    • betrayalsurvivor1981

      I second the motions of

      • betrayalsurvivor1981

        Oops! Pressed “enter” by mistake. Sorry. 😉 I second the motions of blogventer, hiddinsight, SLH, and any future commenters on this post, who believe as we do! AA3, NONE of us are anti-marriage, as NONE of us would have EVER fought for our marriages w/our WHs if we were anti-marriage. What we ARE against is anti-ABUSE! YOU are being psychologically, emotionally & mentally ABUSED by your husband, AA3, and YOU’RE UNHAPPY. THAT’S what we’re talking about, because we CARE about you.

  • betrayalsurvivor1981

    (Btw, AA3, you have two comments to moderate on your “Stuck” post, b/c I changed my email address.)

    😀 1981

  • Flaca

    @aa3 – i am new to your blog, almost 2 years into my journey of infidelity in my marriage, i am sorry for this pain you are in. sweetie, please don’t accept that ANYTHING is WRONG with you. your CS doesn’t deserve you and this pain he inflicts on you is INEXCUSABLE. i agree with SLH and the others – i cant believe he thinks its ok to continue to have ANY contact with the dirty tramp. especially about your private $ issues? what is the point? in my opinion this is emotional abuse & YOU deserve much much more and he needs to be out of your life. sending you best wishes to help you get through this.

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