And it just keeps getting better.

Pretty pissed off today. Around 1:00 this afternoon My cat came home with a gunshot to the head. He is still alive but it could go either way.
Last week a man from the neighborhood came to our house and yelled at my daughter about my dogs barking. He threatened to feed them hamburger laced with glass shards.
I can’t help but think that is who shot the cat. But I can’t be sure or prove anything. Of course the police will only take a report.
This is so upsetting.

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22 responses to “And it just keeps getting better.

  • Flaca

    that’s terrible! anybody who harms animals is one step away from becoming a serial killer. i am sorry to hear about him. i’ll keep him my prayers, poor kitty, in my family we love our dogs just like our kids. best wishes to you.

  • Rollercoasterider

    Oh I am so sorry. Kitty is in m y prayers and keep those poochies under watch. Keep us posted about Kitty’s progress.

  • A Good Wife

    Oh no! I’m so sorry this is happening to you and your family (pets included). I would quote (and date) the comment from your neighbor just in case that wasn’t an empty threat. Keep the dogs away from that house. I don’t trust them.

  • Rollercoasterider

    Thanks for the update, I was worrying about him. Blind is better than…well, you know.
    What’s his name?

    • aloneagain3

      His name is Link. He looks so sad. he hasn’t eaten much since we brought him home. he did pee in the litter box! which I think is a very good sign.
      He is actually my son’s cat. and my son posted this on FB yesterday ” a cat doesn’t need to see you to love you”
      thank you!

  • chris9911

    can you pack up, sell the current home, and move out? Since your husband isn’t around to push back on assholes like this, you should be somewhere else where a home feels like a home. Can you move in with one of your kids and help them out while you live in your inlaw suite?

    • aloneagain3

      Lets see my two daughters live with me. My son who is married has a wife who hates me. And my other son lives with a roommate.
      This is what my husband did in this particular situation. When I told him that the police were less than interested in what happened. He called and called the police until the actually did an investigation. Nothing has come of it but they did interview the man up the street. Which should be a help. By the way. The cat is actually regaining at least part of his sight.

      • chris9911

        his wife hates you? lol. is that another story for another time? Cats are amazing with their survival mechanism.

      • chris9911

        when you said you were a grandmother, I was picturing a ummmm, grandmother with a I am soooo sorry for making the horrible age assumption. I guess I should have read more of your blogs first before jumping to any kind of conclusion. I now have adjusted the mental image based on the latest information.

      • aloneagain3

        I guess it would help if I put a picture of myself on here but then it wouldn’t really be an Anonymous blog would it. Although I realize it is very easy to learn who I am if someone really wants to.

  • Rollercoasterider

    I’m glad to hear that Link is doing well–he is a miracle kitty! Now hmmm, we want you to be like Link! How do you think you can look to him for some inspiration?He’s regaining his sight, how does he seem mentally–happy, sad, wanting in and then out and then in and then out in typical kitty-cat style?

  • aloneagain3

    Link, the cat, went to the vet for a check up today. of course we already knew that he could see again, the vet says there is no way to know if there is any imparement but it seems that there is not. He also said he has had about 300 cases like this and this is only the third cat that has regained their sight,
    How awsome is that!! He will be hard to keep in the house. but we really don’t want to go through something like this again.

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