ME :  I am a 49-year-old female.  Wife, Mother, Grandmother.  I work. part-time.  I like to scrapbook, paint, make cards, be with my family.  I have had a very strange life.  I have Major Depressive Disorder (recurring). I have a thyroid condition, I have fibromialga. 

MY FAMILY:  5 children.  2 boys 3 girls. 1daughter-in-law 1son-in-law  1 husband.  2 brothers. 1 sister.   8 in-laws.  3 grandchildren:)  

FACTS:  my husband has an exwife.  not a problem.   my husband  also has a “friend”.  a problem.   

these are the things I will write about in an effort to become well and whole and strong.

4 responses to “About

  • victoriasvisits

    Stick with it, aloneagain. Sometimes things suck, but then daylight often comes.

    • aloneagain3

      I think stick with it might be my middle name… Today I feel all will eventially be ok. looking for the daylight though.
      thanks for reading and commenting.

  • victoriasvisits

    Good for you. And thanks for subscribing. I’m here on your page looking for the same widget and I can’t find it, Help?
    It will be OK. A man having a special female friend while in a marriage is not OK. I’m sure you’ll find it in you to realize that you are worthy of being romanced and cared for.
    My husband had the same problem. He genuinely believed that a special friend (or 4) was perfectly fine, and had to make some real decisions if we were going to continue to live together. Fortunately for him, and me, really, he did. Fortunately for him, because perhaps as you read, he developed terminal cancer at age 44 and would have had a terrible time alone.
    Chin up, pretty lady.
    Found the widget!

  • chris9911

    holy moly! looks like you have a full platter infront of you.

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