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One more night

First time in a long time something happened in my favor. The husband is staying another day because a part needs to be ordered for his car. 😊 he is actually happy to be staying.

We had a good morning before he went to the garage.
I have to work this evening. But we get another night together and some time tomorrow!!!

He is looking to being home in march. I hope we can do some couples counseling at that point. In spite of his refusal to not talk to Her. There are other things I need to bring to his attention and I would rather do it in session where arguing is less likely.



I am now getting a cold sore.
The husband will be home Friday exactly one month since I have seen him. He won’t want to kiss me with a cold sore.
All I can think is lucky him. Now he has an excuse. Again I say

By the way. I love kissing!!!! Him not do much.