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bike riding update

 May 11

around 11am I called  the 25-year-old and said, “come over, I am going to try to ride the bike.  I need help, encouragement and someone to take me to the hospital when I get hurt.”   He replied, “I’ll be over”     I am sure that after watching me dance to the Xbox kinect Michael Jackson experience the other day he was more than happy for more entertaining activities of his not quite 50-year-old mother. 

I also woke up the 20-year-old. 

I think it was about noon when we headed outside and I pulled the pink retro style bike out to the sidewalk. 

I straddled the bike and became instantly filled with fear and anxiety.  But I was determined, and I reminded myself that God is not the author of fear.  My son was close by. it didn’t help.  I was yelling at him not to push me and that I was scared.  I kept saying that I can’t too this, I am too afraid.  I was not happy with myself.  I kept asking, “why can’t I do this?”

  I told him that I thought the seat needed lowered.  he went to look for a wrench, and I rode the bike for about 30 feet.   no one saw it. (figures)

The seat was lowered.  I got on the bike and rode up the street.  about a half a block.  stopped the bike turned it around and rode back down the slight downward slope, (yikes)  they were telling me to peddle, but the bike was going all on its own, faster and faster.  so i put the brakes on.  They then told me not to go so slow.  Slow is fine for me.   I stopped st the intersection.  waited for the cars to go by, and started off again. 

The kids told me that I had to ride all the way to the park. (about 3 or 4 blocks)  so I did.    When we got to the grassy area of the park, I rode in the grass to practice turning. (turning scares me too)    I did a few turns.  riding in the grass is more of a workout than riding on the road. 

It was then time to ride back home.  I told my daughter to take a video of me to send to the husband.   she said you are too far away and will have to turn around.  I was in a three-way intersection with lots of room so I did.  it went ok.  then they told me to turn around again.  no intersection.  I ended up heading in someones driveway and had to stop and back up.  all this was recorded on her phone. 

Of course the husband showed it to his office staff.  they all got a good laugh.  so glad I am here to amuse people. 

Day one of the bike riding experience was a success, at least in my book.  here’s to a good day two tomorrow.

blessed peace maker.

 I am the peace maker of the family.  I actually get sick to my stomach when members of my family are not getting along.  I am the one who encourages those involved in the disagreement to talk and get it settled. I therefore put myself in the conflict. 

In an effort to work on my own self preservation, I am trying to abandon or at least lessen  this role.  disagreements usually end whether I am involved or not. Maybe not as quickly as I would like them to, but they get resolved. 

It would be interesting to learn why people adopt the role of peace maker in a family.  Is it a product of personality?  Does birth order play a part?  Is it life experiences?  Does it come directly from God as a gift?  You remember, “blessed are the peace makers” ?

I would also like to learn how to find balance in the role.  after all being a peace maker can be a needed and virtuous quality.  However, it can also lend one to becoming a scapegoat or doormat, or at the very least appear to be weak.

I am actually OK with being the peace maker.  I enjoy being the catalyst of reconciled relationships.  Relationships are what really matter in life.  Without them what do we actually have that is of any importance? 

I am a blessed peace maker.