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is it a bad thing not to want to go home?

april 10

Is it a bad thing when you are out running errands and you don’t want to go home?

That was how I felt today.  the husband and I were picking up a prescription for the 24-year-old while he was at work.  with a badly burned foot.  after we dropped the medicine off to him at the restaurant where he works, I said to my husband, “is it bad not to want to go home?” to which he replied, “I thought we would go and get some ice cream.”  

That was a great Idea… and the banana split was wonderful. 

However the question still remains,  is it bad not to want to come home?  

I find myself so tired of the responsibilities that go with this home.  the people, the animals, the cleaning.  Mostly it is the people.  I get irritated with the lack of effort they put into making this home a pleasant place to be.  I feel  like the maid and nanny.  I am not an old woman, but I find myself weary from the day-to-day chores that I should not have to do considering the ages of my house mates (my adult children)   And I grow weary of doing the job of a mother rather than a grandmother. 

So there are more times than not that I don’t want to come home.  but I always do.   and when I do it, everybody else leaves.