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roller coasters, movies, and vacations.

I had a session with my counselor today,  and described my life as a rollercoaster ride.  not one where there are days of ups followed by days of downs, more like minutes of ups and then minutes of downs.    I am tired of rollercoasters.   the ups are too high and the lows are too low.  I want some consistency,  maybe rolling gentle hills and valleys.

I think I could use a little “Eat, Pray, Love” time.

I have plans to take a trip to a friend’s wedding in may, after I graduate.   going to take the train, rent a car, attend the wedding, then head to a time share location for a week.  all by myself.  I will have to think of a cleaver name for this trip.  maybe “Rails, Vows, ???” can’t think of a one word description for the time at the resort right now.  Maybe the title will come after the experience.

I plan to use the time to reconnect with God, reflect on my life, and review my future options.     and maybe continue my family history research I am doing for a class.

here is to MY future.

roller coaster weekend

this past weekend, beginning with friday morning my emotions and anxiety level went up and down like the highs and lows of a roller coaster ride.  (Yes I am afraid of roller coasters)  I addressed my friday morning anxiety episode in my last post.  For the most part the rest of friday was calm.  somewhat anxious before bedtime.  Saturday morning I got up to the same degree  of anxiety as friday.  actually it was a bit worse.  I could hardly breathe.  I was so fearful of what My  husband was doing and if he was alone.  I called him and he did manage to calm me down.  But I was at an elevated level of anxiousness the entire day.   I was enjoying the scrapbook classes we were doing and the projects, but was stressed about not keeping up, which I am usually not.  When it was time to clean up and go to bed I called my husband to say goodnight. (I woke him up)  then I checked my FB to see a post by “her”.  according to her post she was also out-of-town.  Great here come the haunting thoughts.  I sent a text to my husband and mentioned that it was disconcerting that “she” was away this particular weekend.  (this has happened once before, and I am still not convinced that she wasn’t visiting him that weekend)  He assured me that she was not there, and wanted to know what he could do to prove it to me.  I couldn’t think of anything at the time but I should have had him do a  three-way call between us… we all have iPhones.   I did manage to get a good nights sleep.  and woke up mostly Ok. 

I backed out of the plans my sister had for us, and went to see my husband for the afternoon.   We had a very good afternoon.  He was so happy to see me.  I was very happy to see him too.  We ate pizza, stopped by his office to leave a Halloween greeting for his staff,  had some really good quality time, went to the laundry mat to do his laundry, I showed him all the goodies I got at the scrapbook event I attended, and then I had to finish my journey home. 

all in all it was a good weekend, but I don’t like emotional roller coaster rides any better than amusement park ones.   they are exhausting.