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life today. for me at least.

in a bit of a better mood today.    had a good day at work…made two $350.00 sales with components that will look good on my report. 

I am now getting things ready for the scrap-book classes I teach, and for an “open house” to promote the classes.  I won’t be at the open house so I am making displays to showcase the classes.   I need to get this done in the next week and a half  and the time available to me is limited.  ugh.

I am so looking forward to the weekend.  spending time with the sister-in-law and away from the children is going to be great.  although I do not like not seeing the husband.  He will however be coming to have lunch with us at one point over the weekend.

I guess that is all for now… boring as it is.  that is my life.   


life gets in the way

june 28

That is my excuse for not posting for the past week. 

I worked, went to a convention, went to the MIL’s, came back home worked and worked again. 

I was in a mix of got-a-do’s and want-to-do’s.  

Work falls under the heading of got-a-do.   Spending time at the MIL’s is under both.  The convention was a want-to-do. 

Work for me is not really a bad thing I like my job, but it gets in the way of things I would rather spend my time on.  like my marriage, my arts and crafts, and just about everything else. 

Spending time at the MIL’s is not bad either except for the lack of internet.  However time with her at this point is a premium,  she won’t be with us too much longer.  Could be weeks or months.  Only God knows the answer to that. She is appreciating the time we are there.  Right now she is in the hospital, but will be moved to a home soon. The husband is there to help get her moved and settled although we are not sure of a time frame.  And Hospice will be assisting in her care. 

The convention I really enjoyed.  It was nice to get away for the night and following day.  I met a new friend.  Spent some time with my sister, and her daughters.  Got to practice my favorite pastime, making scrapbooks. 

So I have neglected my blog.  Be sure that with all that is going on these days I will be neglecting it again. 

I would ask for prayers for our family and for the MIL.  thank you.


a couple of steps out.

april 27

I taught my scrapbook class tonight.  Teaching is what I would consider a couple of steps out of my comfort zone.  I know this because of the way I feel when I am in the middle of teaching.  I don’t feel comfortable. 

I know it is only a couple of steps because of the way I feel when I am done teaching, and when I get to help someone in a one on one situation. I feel accomplished.  I feel intelligent. I feel good. 

I think I might lesson some of the uncomfortableness if I would better prepare myself.  although when I am preparing I feel as if I am well prepared and ready.  Then in the middle of teaching I feel as if I could be better prepared.  So is being unprepared  really the problem?

#1 on my to do list. Make a to do list.

april 19

Today I was depressed and unmotivated.  I could not get moving. so practically nothing got accomplished. 

all I did manage to get done was some preparation for the class I teach on Wednesdays.  I teach a basic scrapbook class.  I enjoy teaching the class for the most part. although I am always fearful that I will make a fool of myself or be boring. 

as for the rest of everything, I need to make a list. prioritize it and then do it.  I believe I also need to make my daughters do some of the things that will be on that list.    problem is I am not in the mood to make a list.  it is just another thing I can’t get done.  ugh! 

so here goes.  The #1 item on my to do list is to make a to do list.    maybe I will get that done tomorrow.

comfortable in my chaos.

March 16

it is Wednesday.  Wednesday is sometimes my hardest day of the week .  although teaching the past four weeks has been kind of nice.  I have had one student, a very talented and bright and confident 10-year-old who wanted to learn how to scrapbook.  She made it easy. 

My next class is scheduled to begin in april. No students yet.  hope I get a few. I should be working on advertising for the in the store but have not as of yet. 

I am in the thinking stages of a new endeavor for my home.  operation de-clutter and organize.  This is a huge undertaking for me and not something I can just jump into.  I bought a magazine about organization.  it has actually proved helpful.  it has given me some ideas. 

My first organizational task is going to be to clean out the drawer next to the refrigerator, and relocate my spices there.  I have noticed that I don’t get stuff out of the drawer very often so a lot of the stuff can probably be tossed or at least stored in a more appropriate place.  My plan is to do this when I get back from vacation.  like on the 28th  of march.  That sounds like a goal.  Wow me setting a goal who would have ever guessed that I would do that. 

I seem to be full of many ideas these past few days.  (refer to yesterdays post about chaos of my mind)  Maybe I should write them down as not to forget them.  knowing me I will not do this. I guess because in writing them down they no longer are good ideas, they are then a list of things that must be done.  Chores. Work. things that have a negative connotation to me.  So I remain in a state of chaos. 

Is that where I want to be?  Or is it time to grow into something else?  Will changing make me better or push me down?  I don’t know.  Does anyone out there have any wisdom to impart on  me?  Please feel free to advise.