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Please God.

June 9

Will the security of what my marriage once was ever return? 

That is really all I have to say today.  I am so not happy about the place my husband holds in “her” life.  

I don’t think there is anyone for me to even talk to about any of this. 

I am so tired of feeling alone.   Please God, restore.  restore my marriage, restore my faith in love, restore my security.

waiting on the day

March 3

I saw my counselor today. 

He is very encouraging.  of course that is his Job. 

I guess it is working because I feel much better about myself and my life.  Still, I feel as if I am one event away from my legs being swept out from under me again.     Will I always have to live with that feeling?  Or will I one day be able to feel secure again?   

I am hopeful that day will come.  Please tell me it will come. Please tell me it will come soon.