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with the exception of the snake.

May 31

the holiday weekend was good.  

got the home improvement work done.  with no adversity, a rare thing in our household.   I have pictures and will post later.   

Went out saturday night to the bar where the 20-year-old just started tending bar.  it is close enough to walk to, so we did. 

Church on sunday, then grocery shopping for the holiday festivities, got gas with the reward points our grocery store gives, we paid 97.9 a gallon for gas!  got a new tank for the grill.  quick-lunch, nap (i love naps), some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  then out to the state park for a dip in the lake.  spent the rest of the evening sitting in the back yard by torch-light having drinks.

while at the state park on sunday I discovered monday was “free fishing day”  no licence needed.  so we planned a trip back to the lake for some fishing.    We arrived at the park at 11:00 am.   the 20-year-old, the 25-year-old daughter, her husband, her 2-year-old, G the 2-year-old grandson, the husband and I.   

after gathering the equipment from the cars, we trekked off to the path between the lake and a pond.  the rods were baited and the lines were cast into the lake.  it wasn’t too long before a small fish was caught. 

the 25-year-old the informed us that there was a snake on the same rocks we were fishing from.  The husband decided he would catch it.  He picked it up by the tail, it thrashed around and he dropped it.  whew… off into the weeds he went.  back to fishing, some in the lake some in the pond.  I was taking pictures of the fish being caught and the reactions of the 2-year-olds, when I noticed the snake again!  Again?  usually they go and hide and are never seen again after being chased, especially when they have been picked up.  Not this snake.  The husband tried to use the net to catch him but the snake just slithered back into the weeds.    every one was having a great time, looking for better fishing spots, avoiding G as he wielded his fishing rod, and catching fish. I reeled in a fish and told someone to take my picture, (I am rarely in pictures cause I usually have the camera, and when I don’t no one thinks to take my picture)   the 20-year-old was about done with the whole experience, the babies made her nervous and she was not happy about the snake.  So she was standing in the middle of the path, when the 25-year-old told her to look out.  She stepped back and stepped right on the snake.  She looked like she was dancing a jig!  Again the snake departed into the weeds, this time on the other side of the path.  

the snake

At this point the husband said we needed to go to another spot where the was not as many weeds and no snakes.  everyone gathered some stuff and we headed up the path. 

about two steps into the path the 20-year-old backs up with an exclamation that was frustrated, angry and scared all jumbled together. Then yelled for her dad.   There he was, the snake, peeking out of the weeds.  I readied a poll and told them I would chase it back into the weeds.  after the girls backed up the snake began to slither across the path, I let it go telling the girls that it just wanted to get back to the other side of the path.   when it was out of sight we proceeded on our way. 

Fishing success was achieved on the other side of the pond, sans the snake. 

G looking like he caught the fish... he didn't

We then packed up the stuff and headed for home.  it was noon.  Yes we were only there an hour.  which was long enough when you are fishing with two 2-year-olds.  who both fell fast asleep on the way home.

A good day was had by all.  With the exception of maybe the snake, and the 20-year-old.