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June 11

Thank God the Yard Sale is Over!!!

Grand total for the two-day sale… $28.00     Woo Hoo!!!

The best part is that I had lined up a guy to come and take the rest of the stuff away.  He took most of  what I had for him to take. All I have to get rid of is a bunk bed frame, two chairs and some smaller stuff. 

I did keep the things that I had hand painted, and the Princess House items.  I will either list them on craigs list or give them as gifts.

I am angry that I had to do it all on my own.  I am tired of doing things on my own.  I understand that it had to be this way due to the mother-in-law being in the hospital, but I still am a bit angry. 

As soon as I got the yard sale put away it was time to get ready for work.  I then worked from 2:00 – 9:30.   My daughter was waiting for me ( I had her car) when I got done and we went to pick up the grandson.  She is now out for the evening, and the grandson is in bed, but not asleep.  He just called me.   I am really too tired to watch him tonight.  If he does not go to sleep soon I will be calling his Mother.  

Tomorrow will be a cleaning day.  Dishes, laundry, front porch, back yard.   at least that is my plan.  Of course I will be babysitting most of the day. 

I have many things on my mind these days but for tonight I am just going to enjoy the fact that the yard sale is over!

Yard sale update aka. another bright idea.

June 10

Of course I had to begin the day with hanging signs since those who were asked to do it did not.  Not that it mattered.  I had one sale to a person I know who lives a couple of blocks away for $3.00   YUP  I said $3.00!!!! 

I did have a couple of “drive by’s” and one person stopped and asked the price of two things. Then said “thanks” and left. 

The husband was supposed to be home tonight to help tomorrow, But that isn’t working out since his mother needed to be driven back to her home town and then taken to the hospital.  Not sure what is going to happen there.  She is talking about going into a home, but the doctor said to get evaluated frist since if she goes to a home treatments for her cancer and whatnot will no longer be covered, and will be stopped.

So that means that the husband might not even be here tomorrow to help.  ugh.  once again I am left to deal with the running of this house alone. 

I am not an alone person.  I like to have buddies to do things. although it seems that I am getting to the point where I am so used to it that i would rather just handle it on my own.  At least then I know it will get done. 

I wanted my postings about the yard sale to be lighthearted and humorous.  another bright idea gone awry. 

At the moment it is going on 2:00am.  I should be sleeping.  I have to get up and reset the yard sale.  man the yard sale till 1:00pm then get to work by 2:00pm.  I won’t get through work until 9:30pm. 

If the husband doesn’t get home tomorrow I will scream!!!   although I am not counting on that. 

Which leads to another issue, who will watch the grandson while his mother and I work?   That has not been addressed.  I am sure the 28-year-old forgot that I have to work tomorrow.  oh yeah the 20-year-old wants to take the car and visit the 30-year-old for the rest of the weekend.  which will leave me without a car. 

And you should see the condition of the house.  I have not had a chance or the energy to get the dished done  ( I did tell the 20-year-old to do them but…) and my laundry needs done. I am actually not sure what I am going to wear tomorrow for the yard sale.  it is very hot and all three of my pairs of shorts are dirty. 

So next time I mention some brainstorm of a bright idea, please tell me NO!!!

bright ideas

june 8

It is yard sale weekend. 

Usually I enjoy a good yard sale weekend.  but usually I am going to the sales, not having one myself.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  It all started when I decided to get rid of my porch glider.  I thought why not try to sell it. I have a lot of other stuff I could sell.  next thing you know I picked a date and my fate was set. 

The next bright idea. Ask the neighbors to join me and have yard sales on the same days, and spilt the cost of the advertising.  Everyone thought it was a great idea.  However those who wanted to participate were all going away on the dates that were good for me.  The rest that I spoke to said they don’t have anything because they don’t keep stuff.  What a novel idea. 

So much for that bright idea was to get The husband to take care of advertising.  maybe list it on Craig’s list and put it in the paper.  I really should have known better than this.  I guess I will be having an unadvertised sale.  although I did ask the 28-year-old to make some signs.  Another thing I should know better than to do. 

My next bright idea is to have a neighbor and the 25-year-old daughter help me get everything cleaned up and priced tomorrow.  We will see how that one turns out.